Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wrapping Glitter Bottles

This is a continued post of my recent DIY glitter bottles to show you the best way to wrap them! Glitter bottles are very messy when they are not wrapped because the glitter gets everywhere. Wrapping them also makes it much more presentable when giving them to a friend.
They are extremely simple and inexpensive to wrap.

Treat Bag Kit (@ Joann's)

Step 1: Place how ever much tulle you want in the bottom of the bag

Step 2: Place the bottle in the treat bag

Step 3: Write on the tag then slide the ribbon through the hole on the tag
Note: the ribbon and tags are included in the treat bag kit

Step 4: Bunch the treat bag at the top and tie the ribbon tightly around it

You may have to play around with the tulle and ribbon to make it look presentable!

Xo, Brittany

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