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Valencia Cathedral & 2 Central Plazas

I have always associated Spain with Madrid or Barcelona, I never even heard of Valencia before my trip. I was a little apprehensive of Valencia but I was totally wrong. From the gelato shops on every corner to the hustle and bustle of all the people, it was truly amazing. When I say there are gelato shops on every corner, I am not kidding!!! I don't know how the Europeans stay so skinny... actually, I do. It is because the food sucks and they walk everywhere. The only complaint I had about my trip was the food. Spain isn't really known for any particular food so it was less than superb. We also noticed that they kind of just skip breakfast. I think it's because they don't get home from partying until 7am and then wake up at lunch time. If you are an early bird and are up in time for breakfast... well good luck trying to find some good ol' fashioned pancakes and eggs. Majority of the places that advertised breakfast were just pastries.
Valencia Cathedral
We spent our first full day in Spain exploring and getting lost in the gravel streets. I was seriously mesmerized by all the architecture on every building. The architecture of the Valencia Cathedral was by far one of my favorites. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes the first time I saw it. When we were walking back to our hotel after dinner, we noticed the doors were open so we went inside. My jaw dropped when we walked inside because I had never seen anything like it. It was so beautiful and I could not get over all the details everywhere you looked. We only went in it at night which was one of my biggest regrets because I bet it was even more beautiful during the daylight with the sun shining in. The front of the Cathedral is located in Plaza de la Virgen and the back of the Cathedral can be seen from Plaza de la Reina. 
Plaza de la Virgen
This plaza was only a 3 minute walk from our hotel which made it the closest. Plaza de la Virgen has a beautiful fountain in the middle surrounded by restaurants. It is also home to the Valencia Cathedral. It does not have road access which is nice because you don't have to be careful of cars or scooters. This plaza is less crowded than Plaza de la Reina and has slightly better food.
Plaza de la Reina
This plaza was one of the prettiest. Every time we walked through it there were horse taxis, which reminded me of Central Park in New York City! It has a garden in the middle with restaurants and shops surrounding it. A huge one-way circle for cars borders the garden which makes this plaza extremely busy. It is also one of the more 'touristy' plazas, which means you are going to pay more for less. I would not recommend eating at this plaza. The food is less than good and it is more pricey than other areas. I would suggest to just stick to drinks here. At night, we noticed people would line the sidewalks with knock-off Nikes and Ray-Bans which also reminded me of NYC, lol! Since this plaza is known for their high volume of tourists, be careful of pickpocketers. Thankfully, I did not have a problem with this at all while I was in Spain. 
Just about every restaurant has outdoor seating which I loved because both the plazas are so beautiful to look at. I think we only ate inside once because it was too cold outside!

^^^ Plaza de la Virgen

^^^ Plaza de la Virgen

^^^ Plaza de la Reina

^^^ Plaza de la Reina (you can see the cathedral in the far left corner)

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