Saturday, December 20, 2014

DIY Ombré Letters

Today I am sharing one of my favorite DIY projects. This is one of the simplest projects you can make and one of my favorites! When I couldn't find anything cute enough to put above my door in my bathroom, I decided to make something. I absolutely love ombré so I purchased paper mache letters and painted themMichaels and Joann sell the letters and acrylic paint and Walmart sells the paint for the cheapest.
*You can use any type of lettering but I found that the paper mache letters work best with the acrylic paint. 

Acrylic Paint
Paper Mache Letters
Chip Brush- 1" Wide (1 for each paint color)
Paper plate

Step 1: Gather all the letters and line them up evenly so the end result is not crooked

Step 2: Squeeze a little amount of each paint onto your paper plate

Step 3: Paint the top of the letter with your darkest color and stroke the paint brush 

Step 4: With a different paint brush, paint your next color on the middle of the letter and stroke the paint brush

Step 5: With a different paint brush, paint the last color on the bottom of the letter and stroke the paint brush

*Wait until all the paint is dry to go back and apply another coat of paint and keep stroking the paint brush until the colors are blended evenly. You may need to add 3 coats to get the color the right shade.

If you want to have them hung on the wall instead of sit on a shelf- HOT GLUE! Put a dab of hot glue on each letter and they will never fall off until you pull them off. *May take paint of wall

Xo, Brit

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