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The City of Arts and Sciences

On our fifth and sixth day, we decided to take a double-decker bus tour to see the whole city and I am so happy we did this! The first stop was in Plaza de la Reina which was convenient because it was only a 4 minute walk from our hotel. The bus pass is 17,00€ for 24 hours or 19,00€ for 48 hours and you can hop on and off anytime. We decided to do the 48 hour bus pass because we didn't get on till late in the afternoon. They offer 2 different 90 minute tours, Route A "Historical Valencia" which has 8 bus stops and Route B "Valencia Maritime" which has 9 bus stops. We did Route A the first day and Route B the second day. To be honest, I did not like Route A as much as Route B. If time is limited, I would only suggest doing Route B. The only thing that interested me in Route A was the Bioparc, which is Valencia's zoo.
Some of Route B's destinations include:
 -The City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias)
-L'Oceanografico (Europe's Largest Aquarium)
-Aqua Mall (Centro Comercial Aqua)
-Las Arenas Beach (Playa de las Arenas)
-Museum of Fine Arts (Museo de Bellas Artes)
We decided we really wanted to do The City of Arts and Sciences (CAC) and the Oceanographic because this is one of Valencia's most popular sites.
First of all, The City of Arts and Sciences consists of the Oceanogràphic, the Hemisfèric, Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Palau de les Arts (an opera house), the Umbracle, the Ágora (not open to the public), and the Asset D'or Bridge. 
We hopped off the bus at the third stop, which was the CAC, by the opera house so we went there first. Neither of us had any clue that it was an opera house so when we walked in they directed us to the science museum. If you don't love science or museums then I would suggest to skip this. Abby and I were so bored walking around in it. We wish we would have skipped this and saved that time for the aquarium. The aquarium was about a 15-20 minute walk from the Opera house. I believe it was 36,00€ for both the museum and aquarium. When we got to the aquarium, we realized we only had a little less than two hours left before our pickup time. We did not know it was Europe's largest aquarium until we arrived which made it even cooler to be there! 
The aquarium has nine underwater towers, three restaurants (one being underwater) and the park is split into ten areas. One of the areas is a dolphinarium that has a total of five pools. I wish we would have had more time there to view a dolphin show or eat at the underwater restaurant. 
We gave ourselves 30 minutes to exit and find the bus stop so we wouldn't miss it.... but we almost did. We couldn't find the bus stop (we looked for like one second) so I told Abby that we should just start walking to the first stop that we got off at since we knew where it was. As we were walking, we realized we only had like 10 minutes until pick-up and we were pretty far so we started running... yes, we were actually full-on running (just try to picture that for a second, lol)!! As we got closer, we started getting out of breath so we slowed down and realized pick-up time was in like 1 minute so we started running again. We made it as soon as the bus got there. Once we got on the bus, the next stop was the aquarium where we realized that the bus stop was literally right where we were standing looking for it. 
***Soooo, if you ever take a tour bus that has multiple stops that allows you to hop on and off, the first thing you should do is locate the correct bus stops and know exactly where they are before you begin adventuring. 
As we were finishing up the tour and passing the other stops, we were drooling over Las Arenas Beach. We both wish we would have had time to get off there and explore that part of town. It looked like a cute, little beach town with a marina and you could see the mountains way off in the distance. 
Depending on your preference of what you want to explore and how long you want to explore, these routes are totally versatile. At a minimum, you will be on the tour for 90 minutes but you could easily turn it into a day-long thing if you want to stop at every stop! 
I would highly recommend taking a bus tour anywhere you visit, if they offer it.

^^^ Opera house

^^^ the Ágora

^^^ Opera house & the Hemisfèric

^^^ (left to right) Hemisfèric, Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Asset D'or Bridge and the Ágora

^^^ inside the science museum

^^^ my favorite part, FLAMINGOS!!

^^^ 1 of the 9 underwater towers

^^^ Aqua mall (taken from bus)

Coat purchased in Spain (similar), Pull & Bear TeePull & Bear Jeans, Nikes, Bag purchased in Spain (perfect dupe for the Céline Trapeze Bag), Miu Miu SunniesASOS Belt

As you can tell from my last two posts that I repeated the basics, like my jeans and shoes, and just switched up my coats. I mostly packed shorts and short-sleeve tops and planned all my outfits around my shorts but when we got there, we realized we would not be able to wear anything other than jeans and a coat (the weather was about 50 degrees + constant wind). I'm so glad there was ample shopping for me to purchase a couple pairs of jeans and coats!
On another note, I am so excited for this weekend. I am done with summer classes so my mom is driving up today to help me pack up my apartment and then I am heading home for the rest of the summer!!
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Funny story! When Abby and I got on the tour bus, they handed us headphones to hear the tour guide. When it started, we realized it was obviously in Spanish and we couldn't understand anything the guide was saying so we just took out the headphones and started guessing what all the monuments were. When we told CC that the tour guide wasn't much help because we did not understand what they were saying, she said, "Ya'll know there are eight different languages to choose from, thats why there are buttons where you put the headphones in...?!?" Abby and I could not stop laughing for a good ten minutes because of how dumb we were. We were glad we realized that for Route B the next day, though!! 

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