Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shopping in Spain

Shopping in Spain was one of my favorite things that we did. I loved walking down the beautiful streets of Valencia, finding cute little shops and boutiques. There was so much shopping that I was actually overwhelmed!! I was kinda nervous that using Euros would be confusing but it wasn't at all. They don't have single bills, so instead they give you 2,00€ and 1,00€ in coins. The prices were easy to understand because 2,00€ was equivalent to 2.26USD so you didn't have much to calculate.
Our friend, CC, who was studying abroad in Valencia told us that everything was dirt cheap and that we could get a full outfit for like 25,00€ (which would be about $25.00) so I super excited about that, only to find out that their prices were pretty close to American stores, if not more. I showed CC a purse I purchased for 100,00€ and she said "you are not shopping at the cheap stores that's why!!!" so maybe if Abby and I shopped at the cheaper stores, then we could have bought a whole outfit for 25,00€...! Abby and I underestimated how much shopping we were actually going to do because we did not leave much spare room in our suitcases (on our way back, mine was actually over 50lbs)! 
On our second and fifth day, we shopped pretty much the whole day. The central area for shopping reminded me so much of New York City.  Pull&Bear was one of my favorite shops. It reminded me of Brandy Melville mixed with Pacsun. Another favorite was Mulaya (pictured above). It was like Forever21 mixed with Zara. They had Miu Miu, Celine and Prada sunglass dupes for 4,00€ (Abby bought 2 Miu Miu dupes and I bought a Prada and a Celine dupe)! There was also a huge mall called El Corte Inglés. The one we went into either had 7 or 9 floors!! I wish I took a picture of the inside because it was so pretty and so nice. It was similar to a Nordstrom or Bloomingdales where they had affordable and high end things.

^^^ Standing in front of Torres de Serranos

F21 CoatPull & Bear Jeans, Nikes, Bag from Spain (perfect dupe for the Céline Trapeze Bag), Ray-Ban Sunnies

Quick brag about this coat! I love the collar and that there are no buttons showing. I usually don't like the way collars look on me so I was skeptical to try it on but I was so surprised. When packing for this trip, I knew I needed to pack lots of good walking shoes and less sandals. These are my favorite Nikes I own. They are SO comfortable & lightweight and I love the all white look. If you are looking to purchase a new pair of Nikes, I highly recommend these!! 
** all these photos were taken with my iPhone6
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